The wireless ordering application Sales Force Automation . Experience and expertise have shaped the application that offers solutions to the needs of catering businesses.

It works Online & Offline to not interrupt your work, creates your orders in 1′ ,no matter where you are.

Sales Force Automation is used by commercial companies with outsourced salespeople. Ideal for all types of businesses looking for easy and convenient ordering.

Have complete control of your business with a quick glance at:

  • Sales Orders
  • Prints
  • Maps
  • Stocks
  • Securities/Cash
  • Customers
  • Transactions
Fuel App

The New Bulk Invoicing Application Specially designed for the fuel transportation industry with on-the-go invoicing and instant document issuance.

Unique advantages: Create and schedule in-transit orders Create and schedule orders and deliveries Printing of documents and customer search on the go Automated dispatch process in the HFAISTOS management system Automatic creation of a printout and the possibility of reprinting a document Confirmation of the correct PPC supply code Display of fuel tank balance and real-time cash analysis Specially configured for touch screen use Customization and expansion according to the needs of the business