Contracts for the pre-purchase of hours

Actionsoft has as its primary concern to meet the needs of its customers in terms of providing IT services, offering quality solutions and services.

Support Packages

With this in mind, Actionsoft offers customers the Act-25, Act-50, Act-100 and Act-200 support and consulting packages. This is a comprehensive combination of services based on the pre-purchase of specific hours of 25h, 50h, 100h or 200h (depending on what meets your needs and requirements) to solve issues related to your information system. Support is provided on request, at your offices, remotely or by telephone.

Some of the services provided in the pre-purchased hours contracts are:

Training in the use of your information system Analysis and consulting services for the customization of your information system to meet your needs exclusively Configuration of your information system Reporting Solving user problems and queries about your information system Problems and malfunctions in the information system Implementation, configuration and training services for peripheral products related to the central management of your information system Development of applications that extend the functionality and effectiveness of already installed software applications.