Support tickets or support requests are a new way of costing our services that are performed remotely on your IT system. They usually relate to tasks that you request us to perform and are related to the support of your computer system and its proper functioning. It may also concern settings related to already implemented subsystems, functionality increments as well as malfunctions occurring in them.

As mentioned above, support tickets concern tasks related to the proper functioning of your information system as well as facilitating the work of the system operators on it or providing instructions for the execution of a task. Therefore basically they are tasks of minor troubleshooting, operator instructions, limited adjustments, corrections to printouts or reports or problem investigation.

Each support is charged according to the time required to complete it. The minimum charge is 10 minutes. After 10 minutes of work, billing is in increments of 10 minutes. For example a task that takes 16 minutes to complete is charged at 20 minutes.

Each ticket is paid with credits according to the time it requires. Each credit corresponds to ten minutes of work. For each ticket (service case) that is opened (web, phone call, email), one credit is deducted from your account. Also, every 10 minutes that a ticket is open, i.e. one of our staff is working on it, 1 credit is deducted from your account.

To be able to open a support ticket (i.e. to assign us a task), you must have at least 1 credit in your account. Each credit corresponds to 10 minutes of work. You can either buy 1 credit individually or buy a package of credits, in which case you get a discount on the price per credit and therefore on the price per 10 minutes of work.

From the statistics we have kept 55% of support tasks are completed within 10 minutes, so the charge is only 1 credit. Also 27% of the tasks take between 10 and 20 minutes so the charge is 2 credits. For tasks that require more time usually a verbal estimate of the credits that will be needed is made.

For tickets that are opened by phone they are calculated based on the total chat time and if the case is successfully completed. Otherwise, our consultants have an application at their disposal in which the ticket is “opened” and they enter “NEW” status. As soon as one of our consultants takes it over and starts working on it, it changes state and goes into “OPEN” mode. When the work is completed, our consultant puts it in “CLOSED” state. The system automatically calculates the working time from the moment the ticket entered the “OPEN” state until the moment it changed to the “CLOSED” state. It is possible that as our consultant attempts to complete the task, he or she may need clarification, information or additional material from you or the software vendor. In this case, the ticket goes into a “PENDING” state. When our consultant has what he needs and starts working on your ticket again, he changes the status of the ticket back to “OPEN”. The time during which the ticket is in “PENDING” status is not charged.

At the end of each month you will be sent by email a list of tickets and credits spent on each of them with details (time, operator, consultant, etc.) and a detailed description. Soon you will be able to open tickets yourself from our website and you will also be able to receive information on their progress and consumption.

The response time is the time elapsed from the moment you opened the ticket until the moment one of our consultants started working on it.  It goes without saying that in the case of phone calls the response time is 0 minutes. The resolution time is the time from the moment you opened the ticket until the moment the work was completed and the ticket was closed. Our goal is to provide the lowest possible response and resolution times. Usually it is less than 1 business day, but it directly depends on the nature of the work of each ticket.

This simple phone which has a duration of 1-2 minutes will not be charged especially if there is an active contract of new versions. In addition we are making an effort to ensure that the visiting time to our customers is of higher quality with fewer phones. We think you would also like when we visit you to have as few phones and mobile airtime as possible.

So we owe it to ourselves to find support solutions with great quality and with our good customers as our priority. This is done with a system of rewarding our good and loyal customers, monitoring the quality of the response to your requests and generally comprehensive support. Our circle of customers has grown. At the same time your requirements have grown. Therefore, our main obligation is to keep the quality index of the support we provide you at a very high level or even raise it.

When one of our consultants has recently delivered a job within a project or a standard billing / hour it will usually be the same consultant who will accept the request or forward it to him. In these cases no ticket will even be opened.

You will receive regular monthly updates from us or you can either log in to the site and see and of course evaluate whether the credits are being used according to the criteria you set.

Don’t worry. Provision has been made to ensure that the cost of pre-purchasing credits does not exceed the traditional charge/hour. Especially with the pre-purchase of 100 tickets the cost / hour is 40 euros.